Hermaphrodite chat bot

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Caesar always seeks verification when a conditional is encountered within a strong truthed “be” rule, as would you, in disbelief of such a claim, which is exaclty what happens within Caesar.

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Looking at this from a different perspective, from a child, you are told that people can be only male or female. So, if someone was to tell you, that someone was male AND female, the truth of that original learned idea would come in to play, and you would question it….quite rightly, as in nearly ALL circumstances, people either are male, or female. Upon being told the statement that “John Jane is a male AND a female” you would question said statement to be false, at which point, the govening party would explain to you why, with a CONDITIONAL. Test 3: recall dilemma Given: humans are male or female. Would “Jane is male.” not be an accurate statement then? Then “special needs” individuals can be tested to determine their “mental acuity age”. (2) An inferencing system that stored (= learned) the fact that A causes B could greatly reduce its search time in looking for a diagnosis of what caused C, since the search tree depth would be reduced so that only B might need to be searched, rather than considering both A and B independently. This testing could also apply to artificial lifeforms (i.e., bots) to evaluate its “reasoning” ability. (3) An associative memory search looking for visual events where objects that were “red and moving downward and that happened about 1 hour ago” would be faster if the concepts of “red and moving downward” were already stored together as a single concept.

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